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British Geological Survey (Keyworth, Nottingham NG12 5GG, GBR)
Maximising the Value of Geoscience Data

General geology
data analysis; data bases; data; Botswana; Malawi; Malaysia; United Kingdom

The project aims were to 'develop strategies and systems to assist geological survey organisations in the

handling, management and dissemination of geoscience data, and in the training of staff in the relevant


Access to geoscience information is essential to the decision making process in many key areas. However,

the information must be in a form that is readily available, both to national policy makers and to potential

international investors.

The cost of developing a geoscience information system from first principles is large and the skills and

experience required are scarce. The project aims to assist in the organisation of geoscience data by


*data handling, validation and management procedures

*high-level metadata indices

*a standard data structure

*a GIS interface to facilitate data access, querying and integration

*guidelines on setting up a web site for disseminating geoscience data.

No two Geological Survey Organisations (GSOs) will have identical requirements and it is therefore not

possible to provide a complete IT solution that will fully meet the requirements of all GSOs. The aim of the

project is rather to provide a generalised core 'template' which is appropriate to the needs of all GSOs, and

which individual GSOs can subsequently develop further to meet their own specific requirements.

Different GSOs will be able to come into the system at different levels. For example some may be primarily

concerned with the organisation of their data prior to any IT implementation, whereas others may have digital

data at project level and be interested in guidelines on how to link these together to form a corporate database.

The project has worked closely with the GSOs of Botswana, Malawi and Malaysia to define the requirements

and to test the sytems using real data and real problems.

To disseminate the project results this CD and a WWW site have been developed using trial data provided by
Nottingham NG12 5GG (GBR) British Geological Survey, , 2002; CD-ROM, 22MB Total file size, Abstr.; GRIDN

Department of Mineral Resources (Rama VI Road, Bangkok, THA)
Landuse Planning Maps of the Surat Thani Greater City and Province Area - Geological Base Map

Areal geology - Maps; General geology
land use maps; geologic maps; geological base map; Thailand; Asia; CCOP; Surat Thani; East and Southeast
Notes: Technical Cooperation Project No: 93.2080.5
Map: Geol. Map (1/250000)
Bangkok (THA) Department of Mineral Resources, (Environmental Geology for Regional Planning), 2001/12; 1 of
35 Maps; GRIDN

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