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CCOP-CGS Capability Enhancing on Integrated Geophysical and Geochemical Data Processing Project (IGDP) Training/Workshop

The First workshop cum training of the CCOP-CGS Capability Enhancing on Integrated Geophysical and Geochemical Data Processing Project (IGDP) has been held successfully in Kunming, China on June 18-20, 2013. This was organized by China Geological Survey (CGS) in cooperation with the CCOP Technical Secretariat with the main objectives of introducing IGDP Software to CCOP Member Countries and ASEAN Countries, training geophysicists and geochemists in data processing using the IGDP Software and transferring techniques and system for geophysical and geochemical data processing to CCOP Member Countries and ASEAN  Countries.  Eleven geophysicists and geochemists from CCOP Member Countries (Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Timor Leste and Vietnam), 1 from Myanmar and 15 Chinese  participants participated this activity.

The welcome remarks were given by Mr Jiang Shijin, Director, International Cooperation Division, CGS on behalf of Dr Li Jinfa, Permanent Representative of China to CCOP, Dr Adichat Surinkum,  Director of CCOP Technical Secretariat and Dr Tan Yongjie, Chief Scientist, Development and Research Center, CGS. The Opening Address was delivered by Mr Ma Yongzheng, Deputy Permanent Representative of
China to CCOP, Ministry of Land and Resources.

Prof. Dr Zhang Minghua, IGDP Project Leader, gave an introduction to RGIS-IGDP – the software for CCOP–CGS Capability Enhancing on Integrated Geophysical and Geochemical Data Processing Project (IGDP) developed on the basis of Chinese software RGIS by CGS with overview on its main functions and user interface. IGDP is a 3-year project, financially and technically supported by CGS, with the purpose to keep CCOP and ASEAN member countries continuously benefit from modern information technology in geoscientific study and mineral exploration technology from the member country and around the world.  

Participants at this workshop made presentation on geophysical and geochemical data processing activities and techniques Used in their countries.

After the presentations, the training on the RGIS-IGDP Software Usage followed. The software included applications for pre-processing, processing, inversion and joined inversion of gravity - magnetic and
ground electric data, integration of geophysical and geochemical data.  A theoretical guidance was made on user interface, data format (area/plain data, profile data, aeromagnetic, electric data, database and GIS data), database and data integration, data coordination and preprocessing, data processing (GM grid, GM profile, GM inversion, Electrical inversion and modeling), interpretation of data, data visualization/mapping and graphical analysis with examples on gravity – magnetic data and electric data. The training was conducted by Dr Wang Chengxi and Ms Qiao Jihua for data management, GM data
processing/transformation, 3D GM modeling and inversion and by Dr Yu Hailong and Dr Huang Jinming for GM data preprocessing. Participants practiced with learned skills (database and preprocessing, profile, processing of GM and EM data, 2.5D inversion and 3D modeling) on the installed RGIS-IGDP Software.

The participants were requested to continue testing the RGIS-IGDP software, and provide feedback for the improvement of the software.  There will be further workshop and training planned for next year, and case studies in some areas with local data will be identified with the CCOP Member Country interested.

For more pictures of this activity, please CCOP Facebook Page.

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