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ECF2017 2nd Oil and Gas Tech Innovation Award

Diversification has become, and will remain the main trend of global oil and gas industry. Under the current and lingering energy price downturn, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement has been inevitably placed on the top list for petroleum companies’ management priorities. The implementation of new material and multidisciplinary cooperation has been widely recognized among the most effective tool to achieve this goal. The result for this year’s ECF Oil and Gas Tech Innovation Award proves this trend.

ECF2017 2nd Oil and Gas Tech Innovation Award Ceremony took place during the evening of October 11th, 2017 at Jianguo Hotel, Shanghai, China. Organized by Shanghai United Institute for Unconventional Resources (SUI) and the Coordinating Committee for Geoscience Programmes in East and Southeast Asia (CCOP), this year a total of 7 technical entries have been awarded this honor, as introduced below.

  1. SSC-Jianghan Composite Material Bridge Plug
  2. RFID Intelligent Frac-and-Test Sliding Sleeve
  3. JHQY-Type B Modularized High Power Tractor
  4. Efficient Development Program for Kelasu Gas Field
  5. “Well Factory” Technology for Cluster Horizontal Shale Gas Wells in Weiyuan
  6. Thermal Distillation Applied to Oil Based Drilling Cutting Treating Technologies
  7. HIDRILL Oil Based Drilling Fluid Systems

All these above technologies have received very positive feedback from technical experts and summit attendees. ECF has received numerous inquiries regarding these award entries, with the common faith that these technologies represent the future development trend of the industry and carry significant market potentials.

In the coming year of 2018, ECF2018 3rd Oil and Gas Tech Innovation Award has already started accepting applications:

ECF2018 Call for Papers: Submit your abstracts for an opportunity to be invited to present during ECF2018 8th Asia-Pacific Shale Gas Summit, and having your paper included in ECF’s compilation of journal articles for publication.

Ecf2018 3rd Oil and Gas Tech Innovation Award:

submit your applications for the opportunity to present your equipment, technology or products during ECF2018. Selected winners may have the opportunity to receive project matchmaking services from ECF, and to transfer from concepts or prototypes into market share. You are encouraged to develop your applications focusing on multidisciplinary approach, innovation, product reliability and cost reduction in an environmentally friendly manner.

For the full report in PDF, you can download, http://ccop.asia/pdf/news/2017/ECF2017-Award-Report.pdf



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