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Welcome to the CCS-M homepage

The CCOP CO2 Storage Mapping Program or CCS-M is a 4-year capacity building Program on CCS to benefit the Member Countries of CCOP.  Here, you will find the latest information about the CCS-M, the 3 CCS mapping Case Studies, workshops under each Case Study, training courses, dissemination seminars, and the upcoming events. The Gallery contains selected photos of every activities.  All documents in this site are available for free download. 

The goal of CCS-M is to enable the government organizations in the CCOP Member Countries in mapping for the geological storage of CO2 to:

  • Provide a high level overview of the potential for large-scale CO2 storage;
  • Enhance their capacity and capability in the assessment of geological sites for the safe and long-term storage of CO2; and
  • Increase their understanding of the potential of CO2 for enhanced oil/gas recovery.

The main fund to support the technical activities in the first year of CCS-M (Facilitation Phase) is provided by Global CCS Institute (GCCSI). The Royal Norwegian Government through the Norwegian Embassy – Jakarta has provided additional funds to support the second year.


CCS-M M3: Coordinators Meeting /Workshop @ CCOP Technical Secretariat (Subject to availability of funds)

Mar. 14, 2017 - Mar. 16, 2017, Bangkok, Thailand

The CCOP Technical Secretariat is currently looking for ways to obtain additional funds to complete the CCS-M Program activities.  Contingent to availability of new funding, the CCOPTS will host the CCS-M M3 in Bangkok. M3 will be an opportunity to discuss with the national coordinators the remaining task of the CCS-M Program, particularly the technical training course on CO2 geological storage characterization for specific countries.  Also to be included in the M3 agenda is the structure of the CCOP CO2 Geological Storage Atlas and the roles of the coordinators in the development of the Atlas, its publication and dissemination.

CCS-M S6: Workshop on CO2 geological storage and CO2 for EOR

Jun. 07, 2016 - Jun. 09, 2016, Hanoi

The recent COP21, also known as the 2015 Paris Climate Conference resulted in the first agreement requiring all nations to pledge action on climate change with the aim of restricting the global warming to "well below 2deg C above pre-industrial levels".  Carbon capture, use and storage (CCS) technologies will have to play an important role to achieve the COP21 targets. In order to fully understand the emission reduction potential, decision makers need to understand the amount of CO2 that can be safely stored in the geological formations and the geographical distributions of storage resources that are available.  Estimates of geological storage resources need to be made using reliable and consistent methods.  The CCS-M S6 aims to enhance the knowledge of member countries on methodologies in assessing geological storage of CO2 and the potential for application of CO2-EOR technologies.  

CCS-M T6: Training Course on Sequence Stratigraphy

Apr. 25, 2016 - Apr. 29, 2016, Phnom Penh

CCS-M T6 was specifically for geoscientists from Cambodia, Lao-PDR, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Timor-Leste, and Vietnam, and covered the concepts and practical applications of sequence stratigraphy for petroleum exploration and mapping of geological CO2 storage sites. The course involves both lectures and workshop exercises with mini projects to emphasize the recognition and correlation of sequences stratigraphic surfaces on well log cross-sections, seismic transects and outcrops. A team of experts from PETRONAS conducted the training course at the Sunway Hotel, Phnom Pehh.  A 1-day field trip was also organized by the host organization, General Department of Petroleum, MIME (Cambodia) to the mountain city of Bokor. .

CCS-M M2: National Coordinators Meeting/Workshop

Feb. 15, 2016 - Feb. 16, 2016, CCOP TS, Bangkok

The second national coordinators meeting of the CCS-M Program (CCS-M M2) was conducted at the CCOP Technical Secretariat office in Bangkok on 15-16 February 2016.  The Meeting discussed about the progress of CCS-M, presentation of the Country Report of the participating countries that includes their pledges or Intended Nationally Determined Contributions" (INDC) at the COP21 - Paris last December 2015, and work plan discussions on future capacity building activities. 

CCS-M C1W2: Indonesia case study- Workshop on Public Engagement of CCS Projects

Nov. 04, 2015 - Nov. 06, 2015, Surabaya, Indonesia

The CCOP Technical Secretariat in cooperation with the Geological Agency and LEMIGAS, Indonesia supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Global CCS Institute, conducted C1W2 in Surabaya, Indonesia on 4-6 November 2015.  The Workshop is designed to be practical, with focus on developing the knowledge and capacities of the participants.  The objectives are to learn from experiences of CCS projects concerning the role that public engagement and communication play in the success and failure of CCS Projects.  The Workshop will looked deeper into the experiences of public outreach practices (lessons learned) of various CCS Projects and how these can be applied in the CCOP region.  

CCS-M S5: Workshop on maximizing the value and recovery of oil/gas resources

Sep. 08, 2015 - Sep. 10, 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

The CCOP Technical Secretariat together with the Department of Mineral Fuels, Thailand and in cooperation with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs conducted the 3rd Workshop of the CCOP-DMF Project on Petroleum Resources/Reserves Classification and Reporting System (coded S5).  The Workshop served as a forum for CCOP member countries to share their experience and best practices in the overall oil and gas resource management - taking into consideration the work flow involved, data analysis, planning and reporting system.

CCS-M Study Tour to Norway

May. 05, 2015 - May. 10, 2015, Norway

The CCOP Technical Secretariat in cooperation with PETRAD organized the CCS-M Study tour in Norway with the main purpose of building the technical capacity of the China case study team at SINOPEC that is hosting the CCS-M China case study on CO2 for EOR technologies.   The Study Tour included visits to research centers, industrial sites, and academic institutions in Stavanger, Oslo and Trondheim.

CCS-M C2W1: Malaysia Case Study Workshop on CO2 Storage Site Selection

Jun. 02, 2015 - Jun. 04, 2015,

The CCOP Technical Secretariat in cooperation with PETRONAS and Minerals and Geoscience Department – Malaysia, supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Global CCS Institute (GCCSI), successfully conducted the CCS-M Workshop (C2W1) in Kuala Lumpur on 2-4 June 2015.  The objectives are to have a deeper understanding of the methodologies for the selection of technically accessible CO2 geological storage reservoir and estimation of storage capacity.  The agenda included hands-on exercises to assess and test the CCOP Guideline on the Methodologies for selecting CO2 storage sites and estimation of capacities using data from selected basins in Malaysia.  The resource persons are from Australia, Norway and CCOP member countries.  

CCS-M S4: Workshop on Assessment of Oil and Gas Resource/Reserves Reports

Apr. 22, 2015 - Apr. 23, 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

The S4 Workshop was successfully conducted in Bangkok with a total attendance of 44 participants from 8 CCOP member countries and Norway.  The number includes the experts on resource classification and reporting from Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD), Gaffney Cline & Associates (GCA), PETRONAS (Malaysia) and SINOPEC (China) and from the CCOP Technical Secretariat.  About half of the participants are from Thailand, representing the Department of Mineral Fuels, subsidiaries of PTT and Professional organizations.  About 30% of the participants are femal

CCS-M C1W1: Indonesia Case Study Workshop on CO2 Storage Site Selection

Feb. 25, 2015 - Feb. 27, 2015, Bali, Indonesia

The CCOP Technical Secretariat in cooperation with the Geological Agency Indonesia and LEMIGAS, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs thru the Royal Norwegian Embassy - Jakarta and Global CCS Institute, conducted C1W1 in Bali on 25-27 February 2015.  The Workshop aims for the participants from the CCOP member countries to have a deeper understanding on the methodologies for the selection of technically accessible CO2 storage reservoir and estimation of storage capacity.  The agenda included hands-on exercises to assess and test the CCOP Guideline on the methodologies using data from selected basins in Indonesia.

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