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           Some changes in its criteria to determine the winner in this round had been made, as improvements from its first tender issued last year, which ended in the awarding of nine blocks in December 2001. There are four main components for determining the winner, in order of priority, as follows: signature bonus; work commitment (with supporting technical data and documents); financial capability; and the company's performance history.
           The difference is that there was no signature bonus as the first criterion in previous tender, and the tender is open to all domestic and foreign companies (in the past, only those on Pertamina's membership/mailing list were qualified to bid).
           Another feature is that, no negotiations are entertained. Selection is strictly based on the submissions to the tender to determine the winner (previously, the awarding to the winner was also based on one-to-one negotiations, which were often long-drawn).
         The flowchart of the bidding procedure is as follows:
Special announcement of the new acreages to be offered for tender
2. Bid Invitation
The new acreages are ready to be tendered, and invitation will be disseminated to all companies through the home page, at
3. Bid Information
It contains the information of the tender process, including instructions to the tender participant. The participant must purchase the Bid Information at the Directorate General of Oil and Gas.
4. Clarification Forum
5. Bid Participation
The tender participant should submit the entire tender document before the closing date of the tender.
6. Bid Evaluation
The submitted document is evaluated by a Tender Team, based on the technical analysis, financial content, and especially the firm commitments of the Work Program as proposed by the Bidder.
7. Determination of the Winning Bidder Based on the recommendation of the Tender Team, the Director General of Oil and Gas appoints the Winning Bidder.
8. Contract Signing The successful Bidder and Badan Pelaksana will sign the Production Sharing Contract Agreement.
Requirements of the Tender Participant:
  • The companies eligible to participate in the tender are Foreign Companies, National Private Companies, and Indonesian State Companies. A copy of the Notarial Deed of Establishment should be presented.
  • The Company is requested to show its financial ability based on its "Financial Performance" of the past 3 (three) years.
  • The Company should show its ability and have relevant experience in oil and gas business.
           The explanation and procedure concerning the acreage tender activities can be found in the Bid Information document, which could be owned and accessed on the date determined, with paying of US 5.000,- through an assigned Bank in Jakarta, and paid through the Bank Account:
Kegiatan Pelaksanaan Pengelolaan (KPP) Wilayah Kerja Minyak dan Gas Bumi
AC : 122-000-1109001 Bank Mandiri, Cabang Jakarta Kebon Melati

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