Regional studies on the geological structure of the Yellow Sea were made in a joint survey supported by CCOP in 1969. And airborne magnetic survey was also conducted in the Yellow Sea and South sea and the southern part of the East Sea. Regional basin-scale studies on the concession blocks were made based on gravity, magnetic, seismic, and drilling data. Initially, foreign oil companies started to explore around the Korean peninsula. Early exploration led to the seismic survey of 55,810 L-Km and the exploratory drilling of 19 wells, which confirmed the hydrocarbon potential and the presence of large sedimentary basins. Since 1983, Korea National Oil Corporation has played a major role in exploration, and has conducted seismic survey and drilling. These efforts led to the discovery of a fine-quality gas layer at the East Sea in 1998. The gas field contains 210 billion cubic ft of recoverable reserves.
          In the Yellow Sea, continuous efforts have been made to explore hydrocarbon in the concession blocks. Although regional basin analysis in the eastern part of the Yellow Sea was investigated by Gulf Oil, additional data were acquired and reinterpreted in 1987 by Marathon Oil in cooperation with KNOC. Twenty holes have since been drilled throughout the Yellow Sea basins. A number of offshore exploratory wells have been drilled, revealing hydrocarbon potential in the East China sea. In the East Sea, studies have focused in the Ulleung Basin and its surrounding margins. With the start up of construction of production facilities in July 2001, KNOC will be able to produce its own natural gas.
- 60's
: Regional Studies on the Geological Structure
- 70's
: Regional data Acquisition by Foreign Oil Companies
- 80's
: Intensive Data Acquisition and Interpretation by KNOC
: Discovery of Donghae-1 Gas Field
: Currently Donghae-1 Gas Field is being developed

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