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            Since the first drilling took place in 1913, the total number of wells drilled so far is 342 (both exploration & development wells). Of these 126 are development wells and 216 exploration wells.
            Papua New Guinea exported her first crude oil in June 1992 from its Kutubu Petroleum Project. The first commercially viable oil fields were Iagifu/Hedinia and Agogo fields, which produced up to 4.3 million barrels of oil per month at peak production. The Kutubu oil field produces from Toro sandstone formation that has permeability ranging from 0.50 Darcy to 3.0 Darcy. These wells easily delivered more then 10,000 bbls of oil per day during the start of field development.
            As full field developments were completed and operating, exploration activities continued. Three new fields were discovered namely; SE Gobe and Gobe Main, Moran, and Mananda. Not only does PNG produce oil, it also has a vast quantity of gas reserves of up to 17 trillion cubic feet. One of the largest gas fields is the Hides Field. Some of this gas is being utilized by local industries, however, most of it will be available for the PNG Gas Export Project to Queensland, Australia.
            The Gobe Petroleum Development project is another oil project that produces from the same Basin as the Kutubu. The Gobe oil project comprises Gobe Main and SE Gobe fields. Gobe wells also delivered up to 10,000 bbls per day at the start of production.
            The other new oil field that is currently under development is the Moran field. The Moran oil field produces oil from Toro and Digimu sandstone reservoirs. Current extended well testing shows oil production of up to 10,000 bbls of oil per day for all the wells.
            The Hides gas field has gas reserves of up to more than 8.0 Trillion Cubic Feet of gas (2P). Some of the Hides gas is currently used to generate electricity for the nearby Pogera Gold Mine in the Enga Province. The Hides gas field is one of the main gas fields programmed to supply gas to markets in Australia.
            Current Producing Fields are: Hedinia, Iagifu, Usano, Agogo, SE Gobe, Gobe Main, Moran, Hides(Gas Field)
            Fields Yet To Be Appraised/Developed: SE Mananda, Angore, Barikewa, Bwata, Elevala, Iehi, Juha, Ketu, P'nyang, SE Hedinia, Kimu and Uramu
Showing trend of yearly geological surveys since early 1990
Showing trend of yearly seismic surveys conducted since early 1990

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