Open acreage with petroleum deposition potential will be defined into exploration blocks for the application of concession for petroleum exploration and production. International invitation to bid will be announced and data packages be readily prepared for study before submission of the application.

          The new invitation (18th Bidding Round) is given on 11th July 2000. Interested companies can submit for rights in petroleum exploration and production for 87 exploration blocks located onshore, in the Gulf of Thailand and in the Andaman Sea within 3 years from the date of this announcement or the date as may be specified in further notice.

          The Department of Mineral Resources will evaluate the applications for petroleum concessions submitted within the 15th of each month. The last day of the first submission is 15th August 2000. As the applications for the blocks which have already been applied for and are still under consideration of the Department will not be admitted until such consideration is finalized, the Department will make a monthly announcement of such blocks.

          Individual oil companies or joint venture who wish to apply for the concessions must submit evidences showing their corporate profile, financial strength and petroleum exploration and production capability. Qualified oil companies will be selected, their proposed exploration program for each exploration period (which is the major feature for bid assessment) considered, and special advantages offered compared.

          The bidders with the exploration program most suitable for the geological condition of the blocks will be selected to be concessionaires. Proposed exploration programs which consist only of seismic survey for the first three years exploration period will only be accepted for the areas with limited geological and geophysical data available.

          Eligible applicant shall be a company with sufficient assets, machinery, equipment and specialists to explore for and produce or sell petroleum. A successful bidder shall proceed to register a Thai company with a paid up capital of not less than 100,000,000 Baht (approximately US $ 2.5 million at US $ = 40 baht) before signing the concession.


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