Energy is a key component in Vietnam's economy. It plays a vital role in the nation's industrialization, development and social life. Vietnam is considered to have a high energy growth potential, especially in hydropower, oil and gas, coal. As of the end of year 2001, the energy reserves are estimated at about 8 billion tonnes of coal, 450 million tonnes of proven oil, 650 billion cubic metres of natural gas and more than 15,000 MW electricity generation capacity (hydropower accounted for roughly 70%). The major objectives of Vietnam's energy industry for the first decades of the 21st century are to completely develop and integrate all resources in order to have sufficient supply for the national energy needs, to promote the country's potential, attract more investment in this sector, and protect the environment.
Oil Reserves
3 billion barrels
Oil Production
340,000 barrels per day (2001)
Oil Consumptio
182,000 barrels per day (2001 E)
Natural Gas Reserves
23 trillion cubic feet
Natural Gas Production
167 million cubic feet per day (2001)
Natural Gas Consumption
60.9 billion cubic feet (2001 E)
Electric Generation Capacity
7,000 MW
Electricity Production
30,801 million KWh (2001)
Coal Reserves
8 billion tonnes
Coal Production
14.5 million tonnes (2001)
  Record of Petroleum Production:
  Current Petroleum Activity in Vietnam
Current Petroleum Activity in Vietnam

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