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CCOP Metadata Project

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-          The first workshop of the CCOP Metadata Project Phase II was organized by the China Geology Survey and CCOP on 17-21 March 2008 in Haikou China.  A total of 23 personnel from CCOP Member Countries participated the workshop with 3 staff from the CCOP Technical Secretariat.  A draft of CCOP Metadata Standard was produced at the end of the workshop, and hoped to publish the standard at the end of 2008.    


-          The CCOP Metadata Project Phase II will be financially supported by the China Geological Survey (CGS).  Its first workshop is planned to be held on March 2008 in Hainan, China.


-          At the 4th Working Group Meeting, it was decided that a Phase II of the CCOP Metadata Project is needed to develop CCOP Metadata Standard to cover other geoscientific subjects such as minerals, groundwater, geohazard, coastal zone (marine and quaternary geology), geophysics and geochemistry, and energy (sedimentary basins, geothermal).  It was also decided that the CCOP Metadata Standard will be developed in conformance with ISO19115 Metadata Standard and with reference to CGS Metadata Standard for Geo-information




CCOP Metadata Project Phase II


The CCOP Metadata Project Phase II had been proposed and approved by the 48th CCOP Steering Committee Meeting held in Daejeon, Korea on November 2006, with the financial support of China Geological Survey (CGS).   It is the objective of this phase to develop a comprehensive CCOP Metadata Standard for Geoscience in conformance with ISO19115 International Metadata Standard. CGS will not only provide financial support, but also resource persons for the project and is more than happy to share their vast experience in metadata development to the CCOP Member Countries. 


First Workshop - CCOP Metadata Project Phase II

17-21 March,2008, Haikou,China


The first workshop of the CCOP Metadata Project Phase II was organized by the China Geology Survey and CCOP on 17-21 March 2008 in Haikou China.  A total of 23 personnel from CCOP Member Countries participated the workshop with 3 staff from the CCOP Technical Secretariat.  It is the objective of the workshop to develop a draft of the CCOP Metadata Standard while introducing the participants to the ISO19115 International Metadata Standard as wells as the CGS DD2006-05 Metadata Standard for Geo-information.  Moreover, the project aims to cover a wide coverage of geoscientific subjects including energy (oil and gas, coal and geothermal), minerals, groundwater, geohazard, coastal zone, geophysics and geochemistry, etc. in its standard.


At the workshop, participants presented their national work on metadata.  The CCOP Technical Secretariat also presented progress on other metadata initiative – the development of natural gas resources metadata in CCOP.  CGS also introduced ISO19115 Metadata Standard to the participants.


A rough draft of the CCOP Metadata Standard was produced by the workshop after discussions with additional inputs to be made by the CCOP Metadata Working Group.  It is planned to publish the final CCOP Metadata Standard in 2008, and to start the development of the CCOP Metadata System Software for data collection and data search and retrieval in 2009.


CCOP Metadata Project Phase I




The CCOP Metadata Project is a joint cooperative project on the development of the CCOP Metadata System of the Member Countries. In close cooperation between the Member Countries, Cooperating Countries and Organizations the project addresses the following:


  • To seek the location database of the information in each country for the advanced utilization of geological publications.
  • CCOP countries jointly own and mutually exchange some of these information under XML standardization of metadata through the internet
  • To introduce the distributed system of the metadata clearinghouse for the information’s whereabouts
  • To promote and to collect literature and map index database in CCOP countries
  • To collect and report the map names with the location of organizations at countries, to convert the source index metadata to XML format for the interoperable data exchange and to introduce the compatible and distributed clearinghouse system in each country
  • To develop the system of accessible scanned map images in the internet
  • To develop seamless geological maps from the scale, resolution and geometric projection to get standardization of boundaries, symbols, colors, legend, and categories to be identical in a map system.



CCOP with the China Geological Survey and the Geological Survey of Japan, AIST organized the Seminar on Geoinformation Technology and the 4th Workshop of CCOP Metadata Working Group on 5-7 September 2006 in Guangzhou, China.  Twenty-three participants from the CCOP Member Countries joined the activity.  The participants were introduced to the geoinformation technology in China including MapGIS – widely used Chinese commercial GIS, Digital Regional Geological Survey Mapping Technique and RGMap 3.0 System and GeoExpl –  Multi-Source GeoData Management & Analysis System.  Geoinformation technology and activities of the CCOP Member Countries were also presented and discussed at the seminar. The workshop of the CCOP Metadata Working Group discussed on the updates and progress of the CCOP Metadata Project.  The metadata on geological maps is near to its completion.  As of the workshop date, the total number of metadata records available at the clearinghouse is 4,115.

The 3rd Working Group Meeting of CCOP Metadata Project was held on 24-25 November 2005 in Bangkok, Thailand.  The meeting was attended by 12 participants from the Member Countries.  At this workshop, a summary of the accomplishments of the project was presented, and its future activity was discussed. It was agreed at the meeting that the metadata clearinghouse should contain the complete metadata of geological maps of all the countries participating, as much as possible.  Also, a preliminary discussion on Asian Regional Working Group for Geoinformation Standard, i.e. geologic terms, map legend, and geological map data model was also made during the two-day workshop.

Two staff members from the CCOP T/S were trained on the use of the clearinghouse software in Tsukuba, Japan from 9-12 November 2004.  During the training, the CCOP clearinghouse was set up for the web. 

The 2nd International Workshop for Geoinformation and CCOP Metadata from 10-12 March, 2003 was held in Daejeon, Republic of Korea.  Discussions were focused on the implementation of the CCOP Metadata that includes the CCOP metadata format for Geological Maps, metadata input where Member Countries committed to forward an agreed number of metadata records, and the CCOP Metadata clearinghouse prototype to be demonstrated to the Member Countries.

The 1st meeting of the project was conducted in February 2002 where the meeting had discussed the issues on how to implement the project. The meeting also established the working group comprising members from the Member Countries, Cooperating Countries and Organizations. They also selected Japan as the Chairman of the Working Group.

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